Author: Encore Project

Pondering the Future of OER and Open Education

On the 27th of May, ENCORE+ team members Mark Brown (DCU) and Juliane Granly (ICDE) had the pleasure of joining the Silver Lining for Learning podcast. Armed with the podcast title: “Pondering the Future of OER and Open Education”, Mark and Juliane, together with the hosts, reflects on the broader, impactful mission of open education […]

Technology in OER: New Infrastructure and Business Adoption

ENCORE+ is envisioning a new infrastructure for open educational resources (OERs) in which technology plays an essential role. To support this goal, possible technological scenarios have been analysed by means of a literature review, interaction and discussion with identified stakeholders, and the evaluation of cutting-edge technologies available in the consortia. This work was conducted with […]

ENCORE+ meets the Open Education Italia network

Since 2016, an informal network has existed in Italy to promote open education: Open Education Italia is a grassroots initiative set up by researchers and advocates. The network acts as a meeting point for educators working in connection with national and international initiatives, that are also promoted through the website. Members of the network include university […]

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