K4A – Knowledge for All

United Kingdom


Knowledge 4 All Foundation Ltd (K4A) originated from the PASCAL Network of Excellence that included more than 60 member sites. K4A is a distributed institute based in London (UK) with 2 main streams of activities (pioneering Machine Learning methods of pattern analysis, statistical modeling and computational learning; and transforming these into technologies for large scale applications in Open Education). It advocates AI & big data in Open Education. K4A supports its 1000+ researchers and 62 member institutions by co-funding more than 260 events, 60+ machine learning challenges, 20.000 academic video lectures and creating machine learning tools and software.

K4A works on “Opening up Member States”, empowering, developing and deploying tools for open education to individuals at local, regional and national levels. Two K4A trustees are also UNESCO Chairs (OER & AI). K4A solved the problem of mass translation in open education and OER by developing http://www.translexy.com, a service that provides translation from English into 9 European and 2 BRIC languages; and https://credentify.eu/, a blockchain clearinghouse for issuing credentials. K4A is further supporting and leading the “Artificial Intelligence 4 Development” programme and project, to bring improvements in the Global South through machine learning.


  • Davor Orlic
  • Mihajela Crnko
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