OER for Education, Business and Innovation

The European Network for Catalysing Open Resources in Education (ENCORE+) supports the uptake and innovation of Open Educational Resources for education and business.
ENCORE+ is a ERASMUS+, Knowledge Alliances project co-funded by the European Commission.

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The ENCORE+ Network is the European network for transforming learning through open education. A network of experts and actors in Open Educational Resources – OER, focused on the themes of: Policies & Practice, Innovation & business models, Quality and Technology.


1. Supporting the uptake of OER in Europe by catalyzing OER practices and sharing OER innovations.
2. Building the European OER ecosystem by connecting OER experts and actors across Europe.
3. Addressing core challenges in OER uptake through interdisciplinary, multisectoral collaboration.


We catalyze viable OER strategies and good practice examples on the topics of: Policies & Practice, Innovation & business models, Quality and Technology.

We develop and share our knowledge with our network in a community of practice through a series of network events, focus groups, workshops and contributions to conferences.

ENCORE+ will adress the following 5 challenges

De-fragment the OER stakeholders community in Europe

Action: Setup and support a sustained and well mapped European OER stakeholders network based on well connected higher education and business communities.

Support development of OER institutional strategies in European businesses and academia

Action: Stimulate the integration of OER institutional strategies within business and academia.

Entrepreneurial innovative approaches and business models based on OER

Action: Demonstrate the innovation potential of OER within business settings and promote successful OER business models.

Integrated European OER quality paradigm and assurance mechanisms

Action: Establish an open, distributed and highly trusted community-based OER quality review paradigm and working mechanism.

Strengthen collaboration and interoperability among European OER repositories

Action: Foster collaboration and connection of OER European repositories into a European OER repository ecosystem.



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