The Ecosystem model

ENCORE+ will function as a network catalyst for a socio-technical ecosystem. That means that ENCORE+’s main mission will be to amplify existing OER initiatives, projects, platforms and networks by integrating them across the four thematic Circle strands and three crosscutting integration events.

In terms of community, the project will work by aggregating stakeholders as well as existing networks around a set of new communities of practice – Circles – that do not exist at the moment in Europe. This mechanism will be used to reach out and link with existing networks, platforms and projects. Stakeholders will, in a diversified and targeted way (events, consultations, webinars), be invited to share and give input on specific activities and deliverables in the project by connecting ENCORE+ with their projects and activities.

By connecting OER repositories, HEIs, private and public companies and other key stakeholders, ENCORE+ will establish a coordinated European approach which can enact the value of OER as a catalyst and multiplier. It will thus address the need for a more comprehensive collaboration bringing together particular groups, networks and initiatives in order to move from a series of individual OER initiatives into a European OER Ecosystem.

ENCORE+ will organize its community through circles, on 4 different themes: OER Technology, Policies & Practice, Quality, Innovation & Business Models. Each thematic circle will run four circle events to convene and consolidate stakeholders.


Policies & Practice Circle

This circle will seek to identify good practices for institutional policies in both HE and business, providing strategic roadmaps which can work in inter-sectoral ways, and at the level of an ecosystem.
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Quality Circle

This circle will focus on identifying and addressing quality issues of methods employed within repositories, considerations within communities, from the users’ perspective, and in accreditation and recognition.

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OER Technology Circle

This circle will explore and communicate a new technologically-enhanced paradigm for OER use and reuse at scale. Focus on growth potential, improving and boosting the
production of quality assured learning resources.

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Innovation and business models Circle

This circle seeks to uncover a route for fast-tracking examples of OER innovation from diverse stakeholders to further support OER adoption and to adress educational challenges.
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