ENCORE+ Final Conference 1

Networking for OER: 3 years of ENCORE+

30 November 2023 10:00 – 12:00 CET

A Network for Open – Why and for Whom?

The opening session will focus on the overall OER Ecosystem in Europe. ENCORE+ set out to create a space to integrate European stakeholders into a larger ecosystem, defragmenting the space and encourage collaboration.

This session will highlight core topics and the state of play for OER in Europe. Building on the 4 themes (OER Technology, Policy & Practice, Quality, Innovation & Business Models), we will share integrated perspectives on OER in Europe.

Through networking, research and collaborative activities over the last 3 years, ENCORE+ has established a network of more than 500 stakeholders, and we look forward to sharing our reflections and lessons learned with you.

Find the Event Materials here:

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