UNIR – Universidad Internacional De La Rioja



Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR), is a 100% online university established in compliance with the current Higher Education regulation, fulfilling all parameters and regulations of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). It provides international courses and comprises an academic community of over 1.500 highly knowledgeable lecturers across the world, along with a strong team of more than 1.000 multidisciplinary staff members working on research projects and support services. It has over 28.000 students in 2018.

The Research Institute for Innovation & Technology in Education (UNIR iTED) holds a UNESCO Chair on eLearning, an ICDE Chair in OER, and Delegation IITE for Southern Europe and Latin America (UNESCO Institute for Information and Technology in Education). UNIR iTED also contributes to a number of European R&D projects, many of them related to Open Education such as OpenMed – Opening up education in South-Mediterranean Countries, OEF – Open Educators Factory-, focus on the university teachers to drive the Open Education change, or the study from the European Commission (JRC Seville) on Open Education policies across the 28 EU Member States.

Additionally, UNIR has designed and implemented its own Open Education Policy, which was revised by 25 international experts in Open Education, being some of them relevant figures in UNESCO/ICDE/COL Chair with a great experience in Open Education.


  • Daniel Burgos, Main researcher
  • Stefania Aceto, Expert and Project manager
  • Silvia Baldiris, Researcher
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