Launching the ENCORE+ OER Ecosystem

ENCORE+ ecosystem

After identifying key challenges with the implementation and adoption of OER in Europe, the ENCORE+ partners set out to build an OER Ecosystem.

We are excited to be launching our collaborative approach to enhancing the European OER ecosystem with a series of events this Autumn!

Our ecosystem model is based around key stakeholder groups and communities of practice. The ENCORE+ “Circles” are designed to support and facilitate engagement around the focus areas of technology, quality, policy and innovation.

Each “Circle” responds to a key issue arising from needs analysis:

Policies & Practice Circle

Focuses on supporting the development of OER institutional strategies in European businesses and academia.

Quality Circle

Focuses on an integrated European OER quality paradigm and assurance mechanisms.

OER Technology Circle

Focuses on strengthening the collaboration and interoperability among European OER repositories.

Innovation and business models Circle

Focuses on entrepreneurial innovative approaches and business models based on OER.

The overall goal is to defragment and unite the different groups into one community.

The Circles are anticipated to be great opportunities to network with relevant stakeholder groups and lead the discourse around the future of education and training in Europe. Over the course of the ENCORE+ project, the 4 Circles will be integrated through a series of cross-cutting events.

We hope that you will join us for this journey and are pleased to announce that registration for the first wave of events is now open! 

ENCORE+ events will always be free to attend.

If you have an interest in open educational resources; open educational practices; innovation; quality and/or policymaking across education and training – whether in the public, private or voluntary sector – you are warmly encouraged to sign yourself up via the links below.

Innovation and Business Models27th of September at 1-2:30pm (CEST)
Policies and Practice30th of September at 11:00-12:30am (CEST)
QualityMonday 25th of October at 1-2:30pm (CEST)
OER Technology Friday 29th of October at 09:30-11:00am (CEST)

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Launching the ENCORE+ OER Ecosystem
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