ENCORE+ updates

What is the priority on which technology must focus its efforts for the near future?

Technology has undoubtedly represented the enabling tool for the massive diffusion of online open educational resources, but also for this reason it is pulled in the middle every time there is some difficulty or limitation. Before starting to think about solutions, we would like to understand what priorities are perceived by users, teachers and enthusiasts. […]

OER Technology Circle – Position Paper No. 1

Open Educational Resources and Repositories: the role of technology The position paper for the ENCORE+ Technology Circle argues that enabling technologies to enhance the potential of Open Education Resources and Repositories already exist, but they still have to be integrated in a joint process where stakeholders agree on the necessary standardization and interconnection to be […]

How can Open Educational Practices become mainstream in Europe?

Open education is a philosophy that believes: Everyone should have the freedom to use, customize, improve and redistribute educational resources without constraint. (Cape Town Open Education Declaration, 2012). Open education is a key interest in Europe and the main focus of the ENCORE+ project. Although Open Educational Practices (OEP) have existed for over thirty years […]

OER Policy and Strategy Position Paper

The Current State of OER in Europe: Going Beyond Altruism This paper comments on the current state of Open Educational Resources (OER) in Europe, in particular at the policy and strategy level. It challenges some of the altruistic, philanthropic and public good drivers underlying the OER movement by identifying the need to align new open […]

OER Innovation Briefing

Understanding Open Educational Resources and Innovation Welcome to the first ENCORE+ Innovation Briefing! The purpose of this series is to provide an accessible introduction to the innovation potential of Open Educational Resources (OER) in Europe. These briefings are aimed at professionals and leaders from higher education and business. Coordinator of this work: The Open University […]

Catalysing Innovation with OER

Innovation is a key interest in Europe, and also a key interest in the ENCORE+ project. So much so, that one of our four Circles is dedicated to understanding the relationship between OER and innovation; and documenting and sharing the new business models that are enabled by OER. Why should there be a relationship between […]

Launching the ENCORE+ OER Ecosystem

After identifying key challenges with the implementation and adoption of OER in Europe, the ENCORE+ partners set out to build an OER Ecosystem. We are excited to be launching our collaborative approach to enhancing the European OER ecosystem with a series of events this Autumn! Our ecosystem model is based around key stakeholder groups and […]

What is the value of using OER in European HE and Businesses?

By completing this survey you are automatically part of a lottery to win one of three free tickets to ICDE’s Virtual Global Conference Week in October 2021. The winners will be contacted on the 10th of September. Please find more information about the conference here: https://www.icde.org/virtual-global-conference-week   Survey on the value of using OER in Europe: […]

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