Foresight on the European OER Ecosystem 2030: Hybrid Delphi Study

Formulating a Positive Vision for the Future of OER in Europe

In order to build an European OER ecosystem, the ENCORE+ project seeks the assessment of experts in the field of OER to map out a probable and positive vision for OER in Europe in 2030. To undertake this initiative, a hybrid Delphi study has been conducted with OER experts over the period of six months. In total, over 40 experts have been consulted for an assessment on the foresight on the European OER ecosystem 2030. This report presents the experts’ assessment with the aim of creating a positive vision for the future of OER in Europe. Based on this vision, recommendations and actions can be derived. How we approach OER today will significantly influence the reality of tomorrow, so it is important to work together with experts towards a shared, community-based vision and to find a consensus to guide actions for practice.


“In 2030, Open Educational Resources will be seen as a standard part of curricula and learning materials in higher education institutions in Europe. By educating trainers and professional educators about OERs and recognizing their impact on possible cost reduction while benefiting from the strong impact on innovation, they’re being increasingly incorporated in vocational and corporate training in the business sector.”

Read the full study below:

Foresight on the European OER Ecosystem 2030: Hybrid Delphi Study
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