Pondering the Future of OER and Open Education

On the 27th of May, ENCORE+ team members Mark Brown (DCU) and Juliane Granly (ICDE) had the pleasure of joining the Silver Lining for Learning podcast.

Armed with the podcast title: “Pondering the Future of OER and Open Education”, Mark and Juliane, together with the hosts, reflects on the broader, impactful mission of open education and on the OER ecosystem today.
The episode can be watched on YouTube and is also available on several platforms including Apple, Spotify, Simplecast.

The ENCORE+ Network continues the conversation on the future of OER with 3 virtual events already this month.
Join us in exploring the Catalytic effect of OER on important, cross-cutting, issues in Education.

We hope to see you there!

Excerpt from episode description by Curtis Bonk | May 21, 2023 |
Episode #152. Saturday May 27, 2023, 11:00 noon Eastern

The notion of open educational resources (OER) as well as opencourseware (OCW) sprung up on April 4, 2001 when Charles Vest, President of MIT, declared let’s make education free and put all our courses on the internet for people to browse and use (see press release).

With that one heavily publicized announcement, it seemed that there was a transformative shift or earthquake in the world of education. During the ensuing two decades since that announcement, myriad educational rebels have emerged to develop and promote free and open educational resources (OER) to counter the high price of textbooks, research articles, and courses. They believe that education is a human right, and, as a result, it needs to be more free and open.

Two such rebels from outposts in Europe who are experts in the open education world will join us in Silver Lining for Learning on Saturday May 27 at 11 am Eastern

Photo & Video by Silver Lining for Learning

Pondering the Future of OER and Open Education
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