From OER to OAI: what’s next now we all play with ChatGPT?

ENCORE+ OER Technology Position Paper No. 4

This fourth technological position paper has aimed to investigate the impact of LLMs (Large Language Models) like ChatGPT on the OER ecosystem. The ENCORE+ Networks, including stakeholders with different backgrounds, including academia and companies, has discussed opportunities and challenges posed by the adoption of intelligent agents. The case of ChatGPT allowed a discussion about the role of Technology in the OER Ecosystem, connected to conceiving of OER mostly as data than books, and the implications at the policy level (copyright is challenged) and economic level, due to new business models provided by the ed-tech landscape. H5P, an open-source content collaboration framework1 presents a good practice related to the reuse and transformation of existing static content, extracting the main concepts and enriching them with a quiz, glossary, and concept cards.

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Coordinators of this work:

Matteo Uggeri, FPM (Italy)

Eleonora Pantò, FPM (Italy)

From OER to OAI: what’s next now we all play with ChatGPT?
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