Looking at AI for quality and sustainability in OER repositories through stakeholders’ perspectives

ENCORE+ OER Technology Position Paper No. 3 This third technological position paper has aimed to explore stakeholders’ perspectives on Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for ensuring quality and sustainability in OER repositories and  also considers ethical issues related to the use of these systems in education. The ENCORE + Network aims to increase the dialogue among […]

Your place in the open education ecosystem

This week the ENCORE+ team was present at Lillehammer Lifelong Learning where we ran a workshop exploring the relationship between open educational resources and lifelong learning. Here you can find a copy of the slides which are CC BY licensed and fully shareable! (The slides can also be found at

Technology in OER: New Infrastructure and Business Adoption

ENCORE+ is envisioning a new infrastructure for open educational resources (OERs) in which technology plays an essential role. To support this goal, possible technological scenarios have been analysed by means of a literature review, interaction and discussion with identified stakeholders, and the evaluation of cutting-edge technologies available in the consortia. This work was conducted with […]

ENCORE+ meets the Open Education Italia network

Since 2016, an informal network has existed in Italy to promote open education: Open Education Italia is a grassroots initiative set up by researchers and advocates. The network acts as a meeting point for educators working in connection with national and international initiatives, that are also promoted through the website. Members of the network include university […]

OER Innovation Briefing n.3

Innovation, Quality, Success Welcome to the second ENCORE+ Innovation Briefing! The goal of this series is to provide an accessible introduction to the innovation potential of Open Educational Resources (OER) in Europe. These briefings are aimed at professionals and leaders in higher education and business. This issue provides updates on some interesting projects, reports and […]

Elements of an ENCORE+ Workshop

When the important restrictions on travel and face-to-face contact which were introduced to alleviate the Covid-19 pandemic began to be relaxed it became possible for the ENCORE+ team here to meet with our stakeholders at various in-person events.  These included OER22 in London, UK and Open Education Global in-person congress in Nantes, France.  Over the […]

Technological solutions for OER repositories: the H5P hub proposal

During our first live event (click here to watch the recording) we talked about the issues affecting OERs, with the result of a potential negative user experience. Obviously, this situation doesn’t help if we want OERs to become pervasive in the educational scenarios. ENCORE+ Technology Circle main question is “how technology can help?” There is more […]

What is the priority on which technology must focus its efforts for the near future?

Technology has undoubtedly represented the enabling tool for the massive diffusion of online open educational resources, but also for this reason it is pulled in the middle every time there is some difficulty or limitation. Before starting to think about solutions, we would like to understand what priorities are perceived by users, teachers and enthusiasts. […]

OER Technology Circle – Position Paper No. 1

Open Educational Resources and Repositories: the role of technology The position paper for the ENCORE+ Technology Circle argues that enabling technologies to enhance the potential of Open Education Resources and Repositories already exist, but they still have to be integrated in a joint process where stakeholders agree on the necessary standardization and interconnection to be […]

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