Join us in developing a European Ecosystem for OER

Since the beginning of 2021, a number of European partners have come together to create a European Ecosystem for OER. 

This May, the ENCORE+ project is inviting you and your colleagues to join the ENCORE+ OER Ecosystem in a series of events on Open Educational Resources

The ENCORE+ “Circles” are designed to support and facilitate engagement around the focus areas of technology, quality, policy and innovation. The overall goal is to defragment and unite the different groups into one community. The circle events provide great opportunities to network with relevant stakeholders and to lead the discourse around the future of education and training in Europe.

We will be hosting 4 virtual circle events on the themes of: 

Innovation and Business Models 

OER Technology 

Policies and practice 


Are you interested in more than one theme?

Fret not – you may join them ALL.

The events are open to all, and free of charge.

PS: you do not have to be located in Europe to participate, everyone is welcome.

To learn more about the ongoing and previous work of ENCORE+ in these themes, please read the blog posts from the previous events:

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