Debrief: OER Technology Circle 1

From the first round event to the next actions

On October 29th , 2021 ENCORE+ opened the doors of the Technology Circle with an online, side event of the ICDE virtual global conference week “Upskilling and upscaling for quality Open, Flexible and Distance Learning”. Main focus of the event: the state of the art of OER repositories: what Technology can do to support their capacity to become more effective and popular. Moreover, how can technology work in synergy with user needs, often linked to quality issues, how can it best interpret the most innovative solutions that are emerging and which is the best interaction between technology and policies.

Now that doors are opened, we aim to intrigue and involve more and more people, technicians and not.

ENCORE+ Technology Circle wants to be a stimulus to imagine, together with the community of all the stakeholders, the best possible solution; never forgetting sustainability and flexibility.

At this link you can now access the recording of the event, organized as follow:

  • Project intro, Technology Circle intro
  • Inputs from the desk research, looking at the Proof of Concept
  • New tech trends, presentation and discussion with participants
  • The point of view of a provider
  • The next H5P hub: expectations and synergies with ENCORE+ community
  • Conclusions.

After this inspiring kick-off, other activities are ongoing:

  • We are almost ready for the release of the first version of the Proof of Concept on OER technologies, with a special focus on repositories
  • We are going do design and realize a first showcase aimed at supporting the findings from the PoC
  • We’ll support the customization of an innovative hub, based on H5P solution. 

For this, we invite you to join us for:

  • Stay up to date and be ready for the next calls to action, where your ideas and inputs will be essential.
  • Don’t miss next OER Technology circle, expectedin April 2022. You will receive more details in the coming weeks about the date and time of the event.

Don’t forget to connect with the ENCORE+ OER Technology community:

The other ENCORE+ LinkedIn Communities can be found here: Quality, Innovation and Business, Policies.

Debrief: OER Technology Circle 1
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