Technological solutions for OER repositories: the H5P hub proposal

During our first live event (click here to watch the recording) we talked about the issues affecting OERs, with the result of a potential negative user experience. Obviously, this situation doesn’t help if we want OERs to become pervasive in the educational scenarios.

ENCORE+ Technology Circle main question is “how technology can help?” There is more than one possible answer, so let’s see how H5P, an OER authoring tool, is trying to improve searchability and retrievability of the H5P open contents lost, missing or hidden in the web.

H5P takes an alternative approach to OER and OER repositories. Instead of trying to index existing content H5P started with establishing a new format for OER. A format that comes with open source content templates and the ability to edit and create new content. H5P also has the ability to connect open licenses to all parts of the content and the licenses will follow the content automatically as it makes its way through the network of hundreds and thousands of H5P websites. New H5P templates may be created to envelop any existing web based content giving such content many of the benefits native H5P content types provides and allows H5P to also index existing content in various formats, but enveloped as H5Ps so that such content is compatible with the H5P global collaboration platform. Sharing and searching for H5P content is to become an integrated part of the H5P authoring tool, as opposed to being a separate website. This allows H5P users to find OER, repurpose it and publish it to their users all from within their own authoring tool.

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Technological solutions for OER repositories: the H5P hub proposal
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