Technology Circle – round 2

Whether you are a developer, a content creator or simply a user of Open Educational Resources, technology plays a fundamental role as a tool for optimizing processes, improving results and therefore promoting the adoption of open resources in an ever wider audience.

The 2nd circle event of the ENCORE+ project dedicated to Technology will be an opportunity to discuss the possibility of an ecosystem that more easily connects the OER repositories stakeholders needs. Which are the needs? Well, we already have some ideas, but you can offer your opinion immediately through this short questionnaire aimed at enhancing the different experiences of using OER:

We invite you to participate online on Tuesday 3 May at 13:00 CET. Starting from an analysis of the state of the art of technologies, we will investigate what are the concrete developments that can be adopted in current repositories: integration, meta-data, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Circle event registration:

Don’t forget to connect with the ENCORE+ OER Technology community:

The other ENCORE+ LinkedIn Communities can be found here: Quality, Innovation and Business, Policies.

Technology Circle – round 2
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