Innovation Circle – round 2

No innovation without integration

Building on the overview of services, repositories, business models, and policy innovation practices described in the 2nd Innovation Briefing and the discussions held in the first Circle event, the 2nd Circle event of the ENCORE + project, focusing on innovation and business models, will invite participants to engage in a critical discussion about the integration of existing innovations in the OER domain.

We pose a provocative thesis for this second Innovation Circle event: There is a supply of innovative solutions in all areas of OER, which in itself means that the one that would dramatically improve adoption and use of OER is still missing. We start from the premise that there can be no innovation without integration. While we have looked in detail at the list of technology, policy, quality, and innovation models related to OER, let us now look at this list and discuss with all stakeholders of OER whether the innovation has been implemented in one way or another in any of the aspects without being properly integrated. That is: without actually addressing the needs of the users or developers of OER (or addressing them in a fragmented way) and without fully integrating them into the respective aspects.

This session will initiate a critical discussion of OER ‘s existing repository offerings, technologies, and strategies, focusing on the following questions:

  • Is there innovation,
  • Was this innovation needed by the users and developers of OER or was it developed just because it was “possible”?
  • Was the innovation properly integrated,
  • Can a large-scale systemic innovation be built on these properly developed and integrated examples?

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Innovation Circle – round 2
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