Proof of Concept (PoC) of key features of OER infrastructure

Roadmap towards building the POC of key features of OER infrastructure

The aim of the activity within the ENCORE+ project that brought to this Proof of Concept is to investigate and identify success criteria for a robust, sustainable and quality assured OER repository.
The investigation has taken into account not only EU examples, but also the selection criterion of usage and community penetration, examining various existing repositories that have been able to evolve over time, such as Merlot, OER Metafinder, Nanohub, OASIS, OERCommons, Skills Commons.
This initial list of repositories was examined and relevant repositories were added based on geographic representation of other globally relevant repositories. Desk research was also taken into account.
The document eventually summarise our main findings with a proposal for building the new OER infrastructure, which includes wire-frames and mock-ups of the potential interface of such “meta-repository”.

Read the Proof of Concept:

Coordinator of this work:

Matteo Uggeri, FPM (Italy)

Stefano Menon, FPM (Italy)

Ana Cecilia Rivera Alvarado, FPM (Italy)

Proof of Concept (PoC) of key features of OER infrastructure
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