What is the priority on which technology must focus its efforts for the near future?

Technology has undoubtedly represented the enabling tool for the massive diffusion of online open educational resources, but also for this reason it is pulled in the middle every time there is some difficulty or limitation.

Before starting to think about solutions, we would like to understand what priorities are perceived by users, teachers and enthusiasts.

ENCORE+ has analyzed almost 20 articles published from 2016 and 2021 and many potential priorities emerged. For example, is the quality of teaching materials the most important element that technology should try to support? Or is it the limited interoperability that does not allow easy access to resources dispersed over the network? Again, should technology prioritize policies, so as to guide (technology driven) some choices for the future? Or should technological innovation primarily deal with business models that intend to make OER increasingly sustainable?

Results will be shared and commented during the Circle event on Oct 29th.
Have a look here: https://encoreproject.eu/event/oer-technology-circle/

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