OER Technology Circle – Position Paper No. 2

Open Educational Resources and Repositories: the role of technology

Whether you are a developer, a content creator, or simply a user of Open Educational Resources, technology plays a fundamental role as a tool for streamlining processes, improving outcomes, and thus driving adoption of open resources among an ever-widening audience.

The second Position Paper for the ENCORE+ Technology Circle describes technology scenarios for an overarching European OER collaboration area of well-networked repositories which form the basis of a European infrastructure for OER. Existing isolated repository spaces are still often following competitive rather than collaborative approaches. This means technologies are sometimes incompatible, functionality is not complementary, and many repositories still do not typically share data and metadata in efficient ways.

Read the second ENCORE+ Technology Position Paper:

How to get involved?

The 2nd Circle Event of the ENCORE+ project dedicated to OER Technology will be an opportunity to discuss the possibilities of an ecosystem that more easily connects the needs of the stakeholders of OER repositories. What are the needs? Well, we already have some ideas, but through the community activities of the technology ‘Circles’ we plan to gather more information from different stakeholders. This activity will be supported by the work done so far, i.e. an analysis of the state of the art and an investigation of the concrete developments that can be adopted in the current repositories: Integration, metadata, artificial intelligence, etc.

Join us on 3 May. Register by using this link.

Coordinator of this work:

Matteo Uggeri, FPM (Italy)

Report Authors:

Mihajela Crnko, K4A (UK)
Stefano Menon, FPM (Italy)
Silvia Margarita Baldiris Navarro, UNIR (Spain)

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