Quality – Position Paper No. 2

Open Educational Resources and Repositories: the role of quality

Thematic Peer Group Workshops as a method for building a community-oriented quality framework

Quality for OER, respectively quality for open education is viewed as the single most important factor determining the uptake of OER in institutions and training contexts. This is stated in Position Paper 1, introducing the ENCORE+ project and Quality Circle. Due to the diversity of existing OER, as well as quality approaches for OER repositories, the question of their availability and quantity is no longer in the center. Neither is the question of how the quality of OER repositories can be ensured, as diverse quality approaches have already been developed and are available for OER repositories to implement. It is now important to develop a framework which makes existing quality concepts describable and therefore transparent, which is the basis for the second Position Paper from the ENCORE+ Circle dedicated to Quality.

Read the second ENCORE+ Quality Position Paper:

Coordinator of this work:

Ulf-Daniel Ehlers, DHBW (Germany)
Fiona Schmidbauer, DHBW (Germany)

Quality – Position Paper No. 2
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