Innovation and Business Models – Position Paper No. 2

A European Ecosystem for Innovation in Learning: Harnessing the Power of OER

This second Position Paper from the ENCORE+ Innovation and Business Models Circle is a continuation of the development of the ENCORE+ project as a whole and the discussion in the first ‘Circle’ event where the core concepts for a vision for a European OER ecosystem were presented. Mapping of the OER ecosystem and its stakeholders, modelling of future scenarios, consultations, white papers and innovation guides will focus on integration into education and training to address the need to de-fragment and strengthen OER. To achieve this, and through these activities to realise the potential of OER to support innovation in European learning, the integration of innovation in OER needs to be explored alongside its potential for scaling. This document supports future iterations based on interactions with relevant stakeholder communities or “Circles”.

Read the second ENCORE+ Innovation and Business Models Position Paper:

Coordinator of this work:

Dr. Robert Farrow, The Open University, (UK)


Mihajela Crnko, K4A (UK)

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