ENCORE+ OER Innovation Survey

One of the goals we have set ourselves in the ENCORE+ project is to build the leading collection of examples of innovation with (and through) open educational resources (OER).

We are pleased to announce that our survey to collect data around OER innovation is now open! We will be collecting data until the end of November 2022 for the general survey and the 14th January for the H5P users survey.

The survey is suitable for any implementation of OER anywhere in the world. As a European project, we are particularly interested in examples from Europe. But there are undoubtedly great examples from outside Europe that everyone can learn from!

We’re using a broad interpretation of OER and we’re also interested in things like your organisation’s culture and values and how they might have affected your work with OER. We don’t ask for commercially sensitive information.

There are three goals we have in mind for this activity.

Firstly, the data we collect will help us build a world-leading collection of cases of OER implementation which we will share on an open licence for others to make use of and learn from. There really isn’t much research that has been done into the relationship between OER and innovation. We hope to facilitate understanding of this.

Secondly, we want to amplify interesting and important work being done in the OER world. There are many important projects out there which few people have heard of. In addition to the published collection of cases based on this survey we will be showcasing flagship examples through the ENCORE+ network.

Thirdly, the data we collect will be used to inform and structure our OER Innovation Evaluation Framework, a forthcoming publication which will help practitioners to understand the innovation vectors in their own work and facilitate reflection on practice. (Look out for this in 2023!)

Access the H5P users version of the survey at https://openuniversity.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/encore-oer-innovation-h5p.

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