ENCORE+ OER Policy and Strategy for Higher Education in Europe

Giving a better understanding of OER’s policy initiatives

This study provides a detailed analysis of policy measures, including OER policy initiatives from European universities in France, the UK, Greece, the Netherlands, and Ireland.

The aim is to give a better understanding of OER’s policy initiatives from the perspectives of challenges, impacts, implementation, and sustainability. Specifically, among the most influential local initiatives in European higher education, understanding the detailed working process of each measure and the challenges faced can help researchers and policy makers to better formulate policies and make OER sustainable.

This report focuses on a set of ongoing and significant OER strategic initiatives adopted by European Higher Education Institutions and/or in their ecosystem in recent years. It analyses the current challenges and implications faced by universities and provides recommendations for further supporting sharing, collaboration, and open access to knowledge and resources by means of meaningful and effective policies and initiatives. Each case is analysed in terms of:

  • Background and rationale of the imitative;
  • actors involved, implementation;
  • impact;
  • challenges and sustainability.

Read the full report below:

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