Credentialing learning in the European OER Ecosystem

New report from the ENCORE+ project, focused on Quality in OER.

This report titled “Credentialing learning in the European OER Ecosystem“, based on expert interviews, has been produced by the ENCORE+ project to examine credentialing methodologies in the European OER ecosystem. It is intended to provide impetus to discussion, and so to move forward both debate on the topic and practice in the field.

The report is framed by three educational discourses that converge in the domain of OER:

  1. Interoperable representation of learning achievement, including the use of badges.
  2. Increasing focus on microcredentials, especially in the context of workplace learning
  3. Competence-based human resources management


We have found no examples of credentialing being implemented in repositories, and some arguments that repositories are no longer useful. Rather, the challenge for the credentialing of learning from OERs lies in identifying an academically effective, affordable and sustainable assessment method. The key questions are “Who carries out the assessment, and how?”, with a strong argument for conducting the design and delivery of assessment in different departments or institutions from that of OERs.

Read the full report below:

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