Invitation to a Peer Working Group on Quality for (European) OER repositories

What? Invitation to a moderated peer working group of repositories.

Who? Repositories, Owners of collections, quality managers, experts, open educators.

How? Peer working group with 4 meetings over 6 months.

Objetive? OER repositories mutually explore practices of addressing their constituency, the community of educators and learners and analyse successful concepts to create impact.

When? The first event will take place at 25th March 2022 – 10:00 – 12:30 am.

How can OER Repositories design impact to the community?

We invite European OER repositories to take part in a thematic peer learning and development group between March and July 2022, comprising 4 online sessions with the aim to collaboratively develop a framework concept on quality for OER repositories based on existing values, experiences and expertise.

We need your experiences, expertise and help.

Your added value:

  • Privileged first-hand experience sharing
  • First mover, signatory and owner of the ENCORE+ OER impact concept.

Deadline for application: February 6th, 2022


Within 4 sessions we will develop an “overarching framework for impact to the OER community for repositories” together with you and based on your expertise and experiences. For this purpose, we will first collect good practices and criteria as well as procedures which can help to raise credibility of OER and increase impact to the community. We aim to create a set of guiding principles together which will serve all members as guideline for designing impact.

Who takes the initiative?

ENCORE+ is a European initiative, working to promote OER uptake and creation of a new European OER ecosystem. A core element to achieve this vision is to reach out and develop community networks around pivotal themes in the field of OER.

Please let us know if you would like to work with us in these sessions and apply here:

Find out more about OER Quality here:
Quality – Position Paper No. 1
Quality – circle page


Ulf-Daniel Ehlers, DHBW (Germany)

Emily Rauch, DHBW (Germany)

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